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Update by user May 01, 2013

Anyone who wants to fight them just email me. Do it now before it is to late. joseph-ybarra@sbcglobal.net

Update by user Apr 25, 2013

This is your chance anyone who is problem with ashford university. I am still fighting them and I know more of us are becoming victims of thier scams.

Contact me and tell me your story so I can forward it to a Ca Attorney General. My email is joseph-ybarra@sbcglobal.net

Update by user Jan 27, 2012

this is an update of what has happened. I have continued to fight Ashford University and now have the Better Business Bureu, the Attorney General of Iowa and contact the news.

If anyone wants to put a stop to Ashford University Please email me. I have wasted my time going through their process and would not contact me, ignore my emails, phone calls, and after four months finally contact me after the board of education talk to them. I will continue to fight them. If you are in the same situation contact me via email joseph-ybarra@sbcglobal.net to build this case.

you are not alone. There has been 34 complaints last year filed to the attorney general and approximately 80 complaints to the bbb within the last three years.

Fight them, don\'t give up and stand up for your rights. We are hard working people that was scammed by Ashford University.

Update by user Jan 16, 2012

if you wish to contact me email me joseph-ybarra@sbcglobal.net

Original review posted by user Dec 06, 2011

I was contacted by Ashford University by an enrollment counselor. I told him about my second lost of income, family of six, and I had qualified for a pell grant.

After being contacted several times, I decided to give Ashford University a try and stated the enrollment process. I send him all the information that he told me, the pell grant (Fasa), my taxes, my college transcripts and all the form he requested of me. Prior to starting school. I told him I did not want any surprises and asked numerous times if the Pell Grant was good.

He told me it was good. He continued to tell me the over and over the pell grant was good. I asked him about my college transcripts and asked and confirmed I was close to receiving my AA degree and he said yes. Several phone calls later (yes, I kept asking him about the Pell Grant was ok, and he said yes) he told me to complete a form for a loan.

I had told him several times that I could not afford any loans and the only reason I was attending college because of the Pell Grant. HE told me that it was part of the school policy. I asked again if my pell grant was good. And he said yes it good.

I had believed him since he was looking at it and he was an enrollment counselor. After reassure me the Pell grant was good, I did what he told me and completed and sign the form. I attended school (online) and was contacted in the middle or end of my first class by Ashford University Financial Aid which they told me my pell grant was no good and to reapply. The sent me the form to reapply and advised me to wait for two weeks for a response because the are very busy.

I did what they told me completed and faxed the forms and all the documents they requested. I attended my second class and was contacted by an academic counselor who advised me that they only accepted 12 out of the 90 credits that I had but if I went for my BA degree they would accept 64 credits. I told her that enrollment counselor told me I was close to my AA degree only needing 20 credits. I then dropped out of Ashford university and fighting them.

I have contacted the board of education and the BBB.

Please contact me via email joseph-ybarra@sbcglobal.net. This a short summery of what happened to me on 12/2010 and I have been fighting them since 5/2011

Review about: Ashford University Financial Aid Service.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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I began classes as an online student in June of 2014.I am supposed to graduate in October of 2017.

According to my FAFSA, I was expected to receive over $8,000 in student loans stipends this year alone. Three months ago I contacted the Continuing Students Financial department because I crunched the numbers and according to their records I was going to end up with balance.

After being told numerous times that my account was fine, they finally agreed in June that I was going to owe them money? As far as getting other funding, they gave me no time even to get scholarships.

I complained to many agencies regarding this, only for their attorney to claim the school sent me $2,000 and that is enough to live on for 4 years. You'll have to forgive me, but I laughed due to a corporate attorney claiming a person should be able to live on $2.000 over the course of 4 years. That is most likely the same amount he charged the school to make that outrageous comment!

Oh, also the attorney claimed the school was unaware of my status as a disabled student.

Now, this was interesting to me considering, in 2015 I was granted Social Security Disability and it took two years to gain it, also, I have been utilizing their Access and Wellness department since 2015, which is their disability services. The lawyer also claimed that the University has been responsible for my student aid, only paying for my online classes. This also was also interesting to me considering they sent me only $2.000 of it over the past 4 years, and none of the costs of my classes ever matched.

After all the *** they put me through, I am now maxed out on my student loans through the government, even though I have yet to receive my BA.

I am $27,000 more in debt and have nothing yet to show for it.Thank God I got my AAS someplace else!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment. Monetary Loss: $8000 +

to Anonymous #1360778

Email: topperville123@gmail.com

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1296242

I went to two classes and now I owe ashford university over 8 thousand dollars . help


Join the class action suit.


I was not contacted but charged for four months of school then they withdrew me and said I owed a balance. Ryan McHargue@Ashford.edu

to Wow sounds like I have company Los Angeles, California, United States #641659

Please email me, and tell my your story I have now been contacted by CA ATTORNEY GENERAL. My email is joseph-ybarra@sbcglobal.net

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