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So I was going to go to another school, they had already done a transcript review and told me that only 34 of my 91 credits would transfer, so lo and behold Ashford University gets a hold of me and "Bob" the recruiter requests all my unofficial transcripts so they can tell me what will transfer to their institution of higher learning. So ALL the conversations "Bob" and I have about my credits and a much larger amount are guaranteed to transfer, being skeptical I tell them I am not going to transfer. Then "Bob" says let me reach out to my people so I can I can verify that they will transfer. So a few days later "Bob" tells me that he talked with his people and again said this has been triple checked. So like an *** I start classes.

So After my 2nd class pushing now 8 weeks in, I verify from my old school(s) that they have sent and verified Ashford received of all transcripts, then I had an issue with a class and emailed and called the instructor to work out some issues, not once during the entire class did he instructor ever contact me or return a single call, then I get my grade and it is well below what I expected, so I appeal, and move forward. At this time I am on my 2nd Academic Adviser as the other one had quit. So I continue with more classes and move towards finishing my degree.

Low and behold 18 weeks and I have still nothing on the Grade appeal or the Transfer credits, I start complaining skipping all my adviser and emailing the Dean(s)/President and suddenly My transfer credits are posted (keep in mind by this time they have had my transfer credits from my old institutions for well over 16 weeks) and they are WELL below what was promised. And suddenly no one remembers any of my conversations (all by phone) and I did not fill out their transfer credit evaluation forms.

So I am now working with California Consumer Affairs, and my states Attorney General as new information has come to light.. Do not waste your time or money with this institution as they have a long line of Lawsuits and settlements due to devious business practices. I have also spoken with various ex-students that have been unable to obtain a job in their field or if they have at significantly less than co-workers that went to others schools. Keep in mind this is my take and experience on with them, and I have been fighting them now for 3 years.

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