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CORRECTION OF TYPO: the students format, not its content

should read the students format, nor its content

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My name is D.Mason, I am a former AU Associate Professor and was employed by Ashford from 2009 through 2016.

I lost my position because I demanded that students submit quality work. On one too many occassions department supervisors have contacted me and inferred that students should not be graded at the same level as a student that attends a "UCSD" brick and mortar university. On the final occassion, Dr. Shari Schwartz (#ShariSchwartz) insisted that I raise a student's grade.

As I explained to Dr. Schwartz, the students format, not its content, met the standard for the assignment; yet I was still directed to change the grade with indirect comments in an attempt to intimidate me per the contact of her supervisor. Further, Dr. Scwartz stated that I needed to consider if Ashford University "was the right fit for me".When I complained to university heads at the highest level I was ignored; and those complaints included being in a hostile workplace, which resulted in the university no longer offering me any future courses.

Plain and simple, as Ashford University is a "for profit" institution of learning, they are more concerned about generating profit through enabling poor students to attain a degree then ensuring that high academic standards are met.

As this is clearly evident by their ability to threaten staff to pass substandard students and then terminate them when the faculty member does not comply.I encourage any accredidtation boards to look closer at how Ashford University passes students who fail to do their work; as well as how they treat faculty members who attempt to maintain high academic standards.

Reason of review: Violation of the Whistle Blower protection Act / Hostile Work Place.

Monetary Loss: $80000.

I didn't like: Treatment of faculty.


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