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I have been attending Ashford Online since February and I still have not received any financial money.. I got my award letter back in May they said it was disbursed on the 28th of May.

I have contacted the financial Aid advisor at Ashford and I am not getting any answers. I have contacted my advisor, no answer I have also contacted other financial aid and no answer from anyone at the school, and I still am not getting answers. I have good grades and I was reading online about Ashford and I am very concerned. I would like this resolved.

Please contact me through my email.

katrinarhoades@yahoo.com. Sincerely Katrina Jacobs

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashford University Financial Aid Service.

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Walla Walla, Washington, United States #1344470

Still doing it

Iowa City, Iowa, United States #816448

The same thing has happened to me. I have gotten nothing back in all this time and due something.

I do not understand the way they handle financial aide. They make it so the student does not understand. I wonder if they are not doing something illegal.

I have heard others say this. I think we should go above their heads.

Putney, Georgia, United States #714498

What kind of school doesn't offer student teaching..sign of a rip off ..as far as the financial aid yea I got mine but they don't give it to u with 2weeks..its 30% after the 7th week then after the 14th week u get what's left...never had I been through that but im in a real school where I will be student teaching and ill have a real BA I just wish someone would have warned me...sometimes whats easy is not what's right.

San Jose, California, United States #706542

oh please i go to ashford university and i got my student aid check with in the 2 week of being there.you probly set it up worng or you told them to keeps the money to pay the school back with having a loan. :grin

to blue Houston, Texas, United States #742700

You're one the blessed students I presume since

"oh please..." comment basically negated anything the person went through and you ASSUMED he or she did something wrong since it just worked out so well for you. Maybe you're a juvenile to the college scene, maybe not; but either way, don't assume anything about what actions another person may or may not have done. I am going through the same situation as the original commentator wrote and I assure you, I didn't "probly set it up worng or you told them to keeps the money to pay the school back with having a loan." Mine is legit; AU was found to be at fault.

katrinarhoades@yahoo.com.Sincerely Katrina Jacobs 82de7d ----- Go to the Dispute Resolution Center at this point. They are the only department who had their act together and eventually - 7 months later - were able to figure out where the problem lay on their end.

Let me know if this was helpful. As for the rest of you, let one of the days you're thankful for in November be that you grow up.

to blue Ether, North Carolina, United States #1275546

Clearly you were doing something right I have been there for 6 weeks and I am getting the run around all my stuff is set correctly and I am still waiting on the "review" for the disbursement...

to blue #1432959

Keep going there, of course you get your siphons at some point in your degree cycle but at the end you will find that you are short and end up with a balance owing and no degree. Good luck though!

Spring Hill, Florida, United States #692166

They are very attentive while they get you in once you are in they forget about helping you.

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