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I would just like to say that I am a current Ashford University campus student.I would like to recommend to everyone complaining on here a couple of things.

Firstly, if you don't like what is happening, then do something about it. Complaining about it on an online forum does you no good. Secondly, life is what you make it. If you complain about the education you got or are getting, maybe you will learn that next time, you should do your research BEFORE you attend the school.

Also, maybe it's time to take responsibility for your own actions, because it seems like a lot of the problems on here are not a fault of the university, but rather the student themself, or a particular faculty member. Being displeased with the university is not going to change what happened, nor is it going to fix any of your problems.

Also, for those of you who can't seem to write in proper English, and don't think that this is a big deal, maybe that is the reason you're having trouble getting a job.Employers really like to hire individuals who are fluent in several languages, but usually require fluency in at least their own.

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Smyrna, Georgia, United States #1266196

You have some nerve talking about others English when in several sentences you have bunched words together and used wording that is equal to that of a fifth grader.I is obvious that you are employed by Ashford or as I know it "Assford" to make lite of serious complaints which in my view given the over 144 so far that I have found on various consumer websites.

I hardly think being an investigator myself that many people complaining is nothing short of a problem with which Ashford conducts business.

Before you point the finger at others remember this old adage, " When you point a finger at someone you have four more pointing back at yourself.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #930143


1.) Good for you.

2.) Good for you.

3.) Nobody cares about your "personal experience", and

4.) Look at the name of this website....just...take a gander..at your address bar..if you will....do you see it?Do you see it?

What does it say?

Hmmm?It says "pissedconsumer.com." Right?

Riiiggghhtttt...so get over the complaints, big boy, because you're obviously on the WRONG site...


That is exactly what I was thinking, everyone on here complaining can't even use proper English. Maybe it's not the school??


Employers also hire employees from recognized institutions and have very little regards for private for-profit ones.When they receive a pile of resumes, the ones from private institutions go to the bottom of the pile if not to the RECICLING can :eek .

I don't see what your issue is with people voicing their opinion and sharing their experiences.They have the right to so it as much as you did on this post.


First off SHUT UP!Second there is a class action suit against them!

Third they are trying to overlook the fact that retains their accreditation.So figure out your facts, please, before you get #$%#ed.

to #$%& #683858

The ACLU is already working on it

Kissimmee, Florida, United States #653338

i am currently a student at Ashford University online.I have been attending Ashford for the past 9 months.

I have nothing good to say about the school. Since i have been attending I failed one class because the TA said she didn't receive my discussions and assignments. I told her yes i did submit it and i was looking at my work i had submitted 2 days early. she said i was being snappy with her and i told her it's not my fault she made the mistake and i didn't think i deserved a zero grade for a mistake that she made.

After that it was totally downhill, she gave me all low scores on my discussions and assignments. i haven't received a refund check yet and it's been 9 months. i have been told twice that i didn't receive enough finacial aid money and that by the end of August 2013 i have to come up with 6,000 plus dollars in order to continue with my next semester. I think this is total ***, i'm really on my last leg with Ashford but i have come so far to just let my schooling go over something so small.

I am a working human being and paying my regular bills everyday like others. i don't have a money tree in my back yard that i can shake $6,000 out of everytime they take my freaking money and does god knows what with it. I'm really seriously thinking about just quitting.

I have been having problems for the past 2 days accessing the ashford library and other areas and the tech support said they cant help me with the problem i have to call some...

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Dubuque, Iowa, United States #603489

You know, I apologize for trying to argue with facts and reality.Apparently, I am outside of my social culture, as the norm here is to argue with nothing to back yourself but anecdotal evidence.

So for my anecdotal evidence, no, I am not an employee of Ashford. Not that you will believe me, as you are all so set in your hatred that you can't see logic. I simply attend Ashford as a campus student. I also would like to inform you that yes, I know about the legal issues of Ashford, as I like to come into a discussion prepared.

And I will fully agree that Bridgepoint is less than appealing. I don't like them myself. However, in the course of one's life, they will have to deal with many things they don't like. It's learning to deal with these things that creates who you are.

Ashford is an accredited university (through the Higher Learning Commission, in case you're wondering) that has done a lot of good for a lot of people.

But again, I apologize.My protests are falling on deaf ears.


Your right as far the consumer who have a problem with Ashford we don’t have to attend there.I was attending Ashford but the exact same things others are complaining about were happening to me.

I changed schools and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. However I think you maybe an Employee of Ashford because your argument is based on speculation. You wouldn’t know the cause of these students’ problems unless you are them or the one they was seeking assistance from.

But nice try anyway….Ashford Sucks !


You must be an employee of the school!Why else would you visit a website that is for complaints especially if you are so happy with Ashford?

And maybe you should do your homework on Ashford and Bridgeport. Have you read the senators report and the audit results?

Ashford is using these students to rob the government!They need to be stopped and there are many people who are working towards doing just that

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