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Ashford university is full of ***!!!!!!!

Ashford university is not accredited at all !! they will take all your money and wont give you your stipends . they will act like you brought books and don't even have any books and the 10 page books online is not that costly as they claim . PLEASE ! PLEASE ! PLEASE !LOOK INTO ASHFORD UNIVERSITY BEFORE ATTENDING OR GIVING THEM ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION . IT WILL SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY AND ALSO STRESS !!! Ashford university is not the online school you want to choose there are lots of schools that are better and will leave you satisfied in the end . sure everyone is not going to be satisfied but no one is suppose to be scammed by NO SCHOOL .
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I used to work for Ashford. Yes they are accredited. But it is a subpar school.


Um it is accredited. Currently they are trying to switch accreditation but that has more to do with paperwork then anything else. Don't sit there and complain about what you don't understand.

teresa t

ashford have took all my stipend 4 future classes when I decide 2 withdraw I was told I owe them 1593 wdf I been their almost 2 years this is the first time they f### me and I call everyday to straight this out 2 no avail ashford is full of it ####


Wow! What a bunch of whiners.

It seems the only people calling foul on Ashford University are the people who couldn't hang in there long enough to finish their degree. All universities are businesses. Truly all online universities have a catch with their enrollment advisors. They must make a quota for their job so they can pay for their bills.

My best advice for future college onliners, PLEASE make sure how much your financial aide will cover before you properly enroll. You have that choice.

Don't let them tell you differently. All online universities find ways to bill you for their Technical usage somehow.


1. Ashford University IS A REAL UNIVERSITY. The 25 acre campus is located in Clinton, Iowa.

2. You DO receive your stipends - these will be different for everyone, depending on personal financial situation, etc. I received my last stiped in July and another one is coming up in a few days.

3. I GRADUATED summa *** laude (3.95 GPA) WITH A BACHELORS DEGREE in Business Administration in December, 2010. So don't tell me you don't get a REAL degree.

4. I am a MBA candidate enrolled in the Graduate program at Ashford. I am in my fourth class and it's worth every penny.

5. You GET what you PUT into a PROGRAM - whether it's an online one or the on-campus variety.

6. Get your facts straight before you publish rubbish.


They may be accredited, however it is you that it appears would have trouble passing a course. I have over 100 credits from Ashford, with a GPA of 3.9, so please peddle your *** to others who care. Ashford, has, does and will more than likely continue to do highly questionable things with individuals funds.

As for your patting yourself on the back for being able to pass a class, well you really should learn how to construct a sentence using proper punctuation.

I would not recommend Ashford to ANYONE, I have been lied to by the FA department on at least 5 occations, having to go to other departments to straighten things out.

Learn the fact before making an *** out of yourself.


I have found the same thing with these crooks, I do not back down though. I think it is time that they are investigated for their practices as it appears that there may be illegal activity surrounding student's financial aid.


whatever to make a long story short you can not pass smething that dont even exsist . the only homework i did not do was checking this school out before giving them my info thats about all . TO ALL VEIWERS ....JST SAY NO TO ASHFORD UNIVERSITY !!!!!!!!!!



Not to be rude but your the one's who full of ***!!!!. The school is accredited,there are online books that you get for each class.I wish they were 10 pages then I wouldn't have so much reading to do......I would suggest that the people who are interested in Ashford check on the school themselves. It seems that the people who are posting bad comments are the one's who, more than likely, couldn't pass the classes....


I love Ashford University. I am on my 4th class, and I have an A in each of the three previous classes and an A so far in this class.

One class every five weeks fits in with my work and home schedule.

I have always been able to contact my instructor with any questions, my student advisors are always there to help me and I have contacted fellow students as well. I guess the school is not for everyone, but for me, it is a godsend.

Teresa Hayes

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Columbia, South Carolina
I have been attending Ashford University for approximately 1 year. It has been a complete nightmare! I am continually given misinformation and/or straight up lied to. Before attending I asked the Military enrollment advisor, financial aid, and the academic advisor...
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Like so many others, I thought that the negative reviews I was reading were made up by disgruntled students. I gave Ashford a chance after being hounded by my enrollment advisor, big mistake.

I never should have went there because they didn't offer the degree I wanted to seek. I went there for 1 year with no problems. When I decided to transfer after my contract ended is when all *** broke loose. Suddenly, they never received my high shcool transcript so they sent my money back which left me with a huge balance with the school.

I told them that my enrollment advisor said that he took care of all that when I enrolled, so I faxed my hs transcripts over and now I have a remaining balance which totals the amount of my pell grant. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that free money provided to me to pay for school? How can they do this. They need to be stopped.

And by the way, I personally know another Ashford military student and the advisors are telling us two things, so someone is lying. This is causing me a lot of stress, I shouldn't have to pay for their mistakes. Thank God I'm at a local college now....people please be aware of everything with this school even if everything is going smoothly because I am a living witness that everything was smooth sailing for me also until I finished my contract, passed my classes, and transferred to seek the degree that I really want. Please listen no one should have to go through this especially when you are working on your life goals and trying to succeed, Ashford is full of lies and can't be trusted.

Ashford was a big mistake.

One last thing, the education building told us about an investigation going on with Ashford. Check into this before you make your final decision.

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#231821 Review #231821 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Columbus, Ohio
Ashford University Financial Aid Service
I have been attending Ashford University since May 2008 for my Master's degree. I chose Ashford rather than University of Phoenix because I was told that the courses were exactly the same but the tuition was $300 less than University of Phoenix. In October 2008 my...
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Be an adult and take responsibility of your actions.

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Phoenix, Arizona
First of all anyone who thinks they can achieve something in life with a C grade or lower is not very intelligent. In order to become something or earn a degree, you need to excel and be better then the below average student, meaning C grade. Furthermore, the school...
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How long have you been working for Ashford? :grin

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#209077 Review #209077 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Murrieta, California

Ashford University - Military

I started the enrolling process in Ashford about a year ago, and due to my life in the Marine Corp, it has taken a long time to get to the point were I am finally starting classes. My education counselor has been extremely understanding and has helped me along the way in any way he could. I have researched online and Ashford University does originate in IA, not Georgia, and it is a regionally excepted University, meaning you can transfer your credits to about 90 percent of all College/University's in the U.S. I am very happy with my choice to join, and would not have done anything different.
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Sgt. D...

Ok so because of a TYPO you're going to attack someone? Grow up a little.

Typos, issues with computers, ect due occure. It isn't a reason to discredit someone.


Anyone who complains about Ashford's online courses is an ***. I'm in the military.

All of my classes and book are free.

I have 3.6 GPA with no complaints. The only to fail is to not do the work.


You are either a liar or an ***. Marines never spell the name of their own branch incorrectly.

It's Marine Corps. Maybe you will learn that if you keep it up, ***.


They really need to give you a urinalysis!

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Midway Park, North Carolina
I enrolled in Ashford University to obtain a BA in Psycholgy. This was an alternative to University Of Reno, since I also work full time. During my second class, the tuition was increased by 35%. The staff insists that it is only 5%. A $56,000 final cost is now closer...
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My daugther was also scammed by ashford.She was given English classes for several month then since she was unable to get online with classes and could not download anything period nor reach them by phone or e-mail,she told them that she wanted to withdraw.well the Phonecalls finally came in from ashford with treatening calls as well as e-mails.Ashford is still taking moneies from her studentloans as well as Goverment loans.I consider that Fraud against the Loan instituition and the government as well as the consumer!!I am absolutly OUTRAGED that any School is able to get away with scamming a student the high forced salestactics should be illegal.....Bridgepoint Ed.Inc has bought out Ashford and should be considered Criminals :?

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Russellville, Arkansas
Ashford University Program
I enrolled in Ashford university.All they did was take my money,these people are bad news.Stay away ,research all schools you might want to attend.I have found out that A large majority of these schools are scams and there Diplomas mean nothing.Contact your state...
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one thing I'm in Ashford University I'm just starting classes, if you say that Ashford is a joke so why you didn't find out if this university is accredited? before you start a class in a university you have to find out for your own how valuable is this university and their diplomas.

Nobody in this world will take a fake university, or those people are calling you many time, one thing just because you have a misunderstanding with Ashford that doesn't mean everybody will have the same mistake as you. The only thing you can do is find out by your own how much this university values instead coming over here and tell the world about your bad experience.

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Tampa, Florida