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This place is a complete joke and rip off, let alone a waste of valuable time for people. They do not have a V.A. office nore should anyone trust them to handle soldiers information. Lies on top of lies from there fees to the PEOPLE, NOT PROFESSORS, normal people administering the courses. Add comment

This review is to let people know the real deal about Ashford University. This online college is amazing! From my first experience since Day 1, they have been extremely professional. I completed my application submission, and diligently followed all of the required steps to apply for admission. I have nothing but great things to say about this University. I had a brief hold on my financial aid,... Read more

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**Beware** Just like the other negative reviews, the comments are COMPLETELY TRUE about Ashford!!! It 1st starts off great with the admissions counselors being very attentive and then they transfer you to your academic advisor. I actually, had a fantastic advisor at Ashford for the first 4 months. He then left the University all together and got a new job somewhere else. That should have been... Read more

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After deciding to attend ashord I was excited to finally start school again, however I quuckly realized what a mistake it was to attend this school. They are shady with your financial aid and I would never recommend someone going here. They made me apply for extra loans because I supposedly had excess money to pay so I did this and they said it wad all tsken care of. Then the next school year... Read more

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I graduated from this school with a B.A in healthcare administration. It is worthless. I cant get a job with it. Nothing. I cant even sit for the state licensure. I am in the hole financially. I hate this school it has ruined my life. Add comment

this school does not want their students to graduate i have just been wrongfully expelled from the school for not taking responsibility for my actions meaning that want me to lie and say i cheated when i never did this school is bs they want to take your money and not let you finish so i am trying to get appeal for this i will not tell any of my friends of family to attend this school i made the... Read more

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I am very close to graduating, only have a few months. the last three classes I were just in all failed me the instructors all accused me of cheating and said that all my work i had done had to be checked for plagiarizm and they i have to have a hearing with the student conduct committee. when i would do my research for assignments or discussion i would always use the schools library never used... Read more

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I am instructor and this is the worst college I have ever taught for. They load you up with 30-35 students per course in a 5 week period, expect you to respond to each student substantively and provide substantive feedback (it appears no one can really live up to this expectation) and then berate you for not being up to par with feedback. Students do not see this, of course, and while all of us... Read more

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With two classes to complete before grad. My recent experience with this university is applauding. In my next to final course at this university. I was accused of plagiarism, placed on dishonesty list and was told I would have to take the course over. First, the so called plagiarism was actually jargon and common knowledge, yet the instructor using a tool known as way-point. What was so... Read more

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From 2012-2014; took classes towards a Health Information degree. Which did not prepare me for no job. The classes did not teach to reality. EHR class was ***. I felt like an *** when I had interview with a doctor's office and they gave me a test of what I knew on codes and queries. I didn't remember because I was not taught in a way I should. All of my credits from previous colleges were... Read more

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